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You can add items for sale using the 'Add For Sale Item' link. You must have a website login account to do this. TC Members get an account by default (email us if you don't have this Non members can create an account using the 'Create New Account' link in the left hand menu. You can enable/disable an email to be sent to you when new adverts are published. The 'Send Forsale Emails' option in your User Preferences allows this. There is a charge for items above £100 paid for using a credit or debit card. If you set this to 0, then the item will be listed as "Free to a good home". Always be carefull of fraudsters. See our help information here for more information including safe selling.

Location: Huddersfield
Price: £750
Location: Halstead
Price: £550
Location: Stewarton
Price: £2950
Location: Fordingbridge, Hampshire
Price: £750
Location: Haverfordwest
Price: £20
Location: Midhurst
Price: £195
Location: Milton Keynes
Price: £400
Location: Lympstone
Price: £2250
Location: Macclesfield
Price: £95
Location: Derby
Price: £850
Location: Woodmancote nr Brighton
Price: £530